Victims of Trafficking and Foreign Citizens in Prostitution

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration for Victims of Trafficking and Foreign Citizens in Prostitution in Sweden (AVRRTiPP-SWE IV)

Since 2012 the AVRR project has provided direct assistance to migrants who are exposed to trafficking in human beings and/or to prostitution in Sweden. The project beneficiaries are referred to IOM Finland by the donor, the County Administrative Board of Stockholm (CABS) with a national mandate to coordinate counter-trafficking activities in Sweden. IOM Finland cooperates with and supports responsible Swedish social workers, authorities and non-governmental organisations in informing about, planning and arranging AVRR in a safe, humane and sustainable manner. IOM offers the project beneficiaries pre-departure support, such as counselling and assistance in acquiring travel documents, as well as arranges the required assistance during the whole travel (e.g. at the airports in the departure, transit and destination countries). The individually tailored reintegration support and monitoring after the return is implemented in close cooperation with the local IOM missions and other actors in the countries of origin.

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