Who can apply? How to apply?

See the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) website for the eligibility criteria and instructions (http://www.migri.fi/return). If you do not belong to the target group covered by Migri, please contact us to explore alternative solutions.


How long will the return take?

The length of the return process depends, among others, on whether the returnee has a valid travel document and on the specific requirements of each country of return. With a valid travel document, the returnee can normally travel within one to two weeks from when IOM has received all relevant documents. If the returnee does not have a valid passport and IOM needs to obtain a temporary travel document, the process can take longer. In each individual case, IOM will inform the returnee and relevant counterparts on the expected duration of the return arrangements.


If I leave voluntarily will I be allowed to come back?

This depends on the authorities’ decision. Consult your lawyer, social worker, police or the Finnish Border Guard on your case.


Can I go to a different country than the country of my origin/nationality?

IOM may be able to assist you to settle down in a third country if you have a permanent residence permit (or equivalent) for that country. A short-term (e.g. tourist) visa is not sufficient.




How much luggage can I bring with me?

Usually, you are guaranteed 30 kilograms of luggage. The specific luggage allowances, including the number of bags, are determined by the airlines. You will be informed about your luggage allowances as soon as your flights have been booked.


What happens at the airport?

You will meet the IOM airport assistant at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. He or she will help you and the other returnees through check-in, security control and passport control. Please note that you have to be at the airport on time because the pre-departure checks take time. You will be informed about the meeting time when your flights have been booked.


When will I receive my documents?

You will receive your documents at the airport upon departure.


What if I want to change my travel schedule?

Changing your travel plans may be possible if well justified. Any changes must be agreed with your reception centre and authorities.


Will someone help me during the transit?

Generally IOM provides in-transit assistance for returnees at most airports. However, we cannot always guarantee help during transit. You will be informed about transit assistance at the airport.


Will the assistants speak my language?

We cannot guarantee this. However, our airport staff is experienced and multi-lingual, they are able to assist in many of our returnees’ mother tongue.



Reintegration Assistance

What kind of reintegration assistance can I get?

The assistance can be given either in the form of cash grants or in-kind support. The grant decision is made by reception centres of the Finnish Immigration Service. In-kind support can be used for services or supplies to help the returnee. Most often in-kind support is used for starting a business, covering housing costs or accessing education. When choosing in-kind support, the returnee makes a reintegration plan of how to use the in-kind support together with local IOM staff or a service provider. In-kind support is not available in all countries of return. You should discuss the reintegration assistance type with your own social worker.


How much cash assistance will I receive? Is it possible to increase the amount of my cash assistance?

The grant amount varies according to, among others, the country of origin. You may apply for increased assistance, which may be granted due to medical condition, family circumstances or some other personal reason. The amount of cash assistance is decided by the reception centre or Migri. IOM does not have the authority to increase the grant amount.


When will I receive the reintegration assistance?

A part of the assistance is paid upon departure at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, usually 200 EUR for adults and 100 EUR for children. The remainder of the reintegration assistance is paid to returnees in the country of origin as soon as possible. Receiving your assistance may require contacting and visiting the local IOM office or another service provider after arrival. IOM will inform you of the contact details.


What if I have problems in getting my reintegration assistance after return?

IOM Finland closely monitors the payment of reintegration grants in the country of origin. After the remaining part of the grant has been paid to the returnee, the IOM office in the return country informs IOM Finland. In this way, IOM Finland can monitor that the grant has been received by the returnee. In case you have any questions or concerns regarding your reintegration assistance before or after return, you may always contact IOM Finland for assistance.


Can IOM help my family?

If you return with your family, each family member will receive a grant decision. Authorities’ grant decisions are made for individual returnees and usually cannot be granted for a family member already in the country of origin.


I plan to migrate to another country after my return. Can I receive my reintegration grant in a different country than the one I return to?

No, you can only receive the support in the country where IOM assisted you to return to.