Reintegration cash support

Reintegration cash grants

IOM Finland facilitates payment of reintegration cash grants to voluntary returnees from Sweden in cooperation with the Swedish Migration Agency (SMA).

To be eligible to apply for the reintegration cash grants, the following requirements must be met:

  • The asylum seeker is returning voluntarily and is planning to reside in the country of return
  • The returnee has received a negative decision on his/her asylum application or withdrawn the application
  • The returnee is travelling to Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Palestinian Territories, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria or Yemen

The payments are coordinated by IOM Finland and carried out in local IOM offices in the countries of origin.


How to apply for the reintegration cash support?

If you want to apply for the reintegration cash support, contact your social worker before leaving Sweden. The support is granted based on decisions made by the Swedish Migration Agency (SMA). In case SMA confirms your eligibility, you will be notified with a decision before leaving Sweden. After you have arrived in your country of origin, you should approach the local IOM office through the contact details indicated on your decision.


For more information on voluntary return and reintegration cash support, please visit the website of the Swedish Migration Agency.