Victims of Trafficking and Foreign Citizens in Prostitution

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration for Victims of Trafficking and Foreign Citizens in Prostitution in Sweden (AVRRTiPP-SWE IV)

Since 2012 the AVRRTiPP-SWE programme has provided assistance to migrants who are exposed to trafficking in human beings and/or to prostitution in Sweden. The programme supports both EU nationals and third country nationals.

Until the end of 2017 the programme was funded by the County Administrative Board of Stockholm  who held the national mandate to coordinate counter-trafficking activities in Sweden. Since the beginning of 2018, this mandate has been transferred to the newly established Swedish Gender Equality Agency, which also acts as the new donor of IOM AVRRTiPP-SWE programme. Potential beneficiaries are identified by the programme’s Swedish counterparts in cooperation with IOM Finland.

Through the programme IOM Finland supports Swedish regional anti-trafficking coordinators, different authorities, and NGOs in planning and arranging assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR) in a safe, humane and sustainable manner. The support includes

  • assistance in informing the potential beneficiaries of the AVRR possibility,
  • counselling beneficiaries on the whole return process as well as on reintegration possibilities,
  • conducting sound risk, needs, and health assessments,
  • travel arrangements, including helping in obtaining a travel document, purchasing the flight tickets, providing transit and arrival assistance, and arranging an escort for the travel where necessary, and
  • providing individually tailored reintegration support for each beneficiary.

The reintegration support and monitoring after the return are implemented in close cooperation with the local IOM missions and other actors in the countries of return. Together with the help of these parties and with the coordination of IOM Finland, the programme aims to help returnees in creating  sustainable reintegration plans suitable to their specific needs. IOM  stays in touch with each returnee for at least six months after the return, depending on the willingness of the returnee to maintain contact.

In addition to assisting beneficiaries in returning and reintegrating, IOM Finland supports their access to justice. This can include, for example, informing the returned beneficiary of developments in the investigation or court proceedings, or coordinating the beneficiary’s participation in a trial in Sweden.

For more information contact IOM Finland:
Tel.: +358 9 684 11 50 (IOM Finland switchboard)

Information in Swedish on the the Gender Equality Authority's work on Trafficking in Human Beings.